Reviews of Top Binary Options Brokers

IQ Option Trading Platform Review

With all of the advantages that the IQ Option trading platform has to offer, you see why it has become the best option on the market. Even though the creators are focused on providing incredible service, their focus is also on improvements. Teams work on a daily basis to innovate and improve upon the functionality of the IQ Option trading platform. New functions are regularly introduced, making IQ Option the perfect option for a dynamic and growing industry.

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2 24Option Trading Platform Review

24Option Trading Platform Review

24Option is one of the first Binary Options Brokers to arrive in 2009. 24Option is regulated and uses TechFinancials Trading Platform, which is considered one of the best trading platform available to date. 24Option has superior payout which’s up to 88%. In order to start trading with 24Options, traders need to deposit a minimum of 250$.

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3 BDSwiss Trading Platform Review

BDSwiss Trading Platform Review

BDSwiss is an amazing broker of choice for binary options traders, especially since the broker offers its binary options products as a part of its FX and CFD brokerage. The broker has a lot of positives, and the lack of bonuses should not deter you from trading with the broker. Excellent platform options for both desktop and mobile trading. Competitive payouts, good choice of binary options products, flexible trade management, and guaranteed withdrawals.

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4 HighLow Trading Platform Review

HighLow Trading Platform Review

This proficient binary options online trading platform offers users the possibility to get up to 90% returns on their investments, when using the high/low binary options instrument. It requires an investment of just $10. And it is really uncommon to find a binary trading solution that grants such significant investment return on a small investment required.

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5 Trading Platform Review Trading Platform Review emerges from a long-standing tradition of online trading and gaming websites. Their years of expertise is easily portrayed on their binary trading platform. is a binary options broker coming from a long tradition of online gaming and trading websites. The expertise collected throughout all the years is reflected in trading platform which offers one of the most unique products around.

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6 BinaryMate Trading Platform Review

BinaryMate Trading Platform Review

BinaryMate broker offers some unique benefits, including guaranteed withdrawal processing in one hour, and live video support 24 hours a day. The broker offers different levels of account based on deposits and awards both bonus funds, and risk free trades at certain account levels – terms will apply.

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7 FinRally Trading Platform Review

FinRally Trading Platform Review

FinRally offers a good initial deposit bonus for its newly signed-up clients, however they appear to offer very little for existing clients in the way of loyalty bonuses. FinRally also offers very accessible customer support with live video chat being available 24/7 and their online trading platform is web based and intuitive. The broker offers around 160 different assets, which, although fewer than some of its rivals, will satisfy most investors.

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8 Binomo Trading Platform Review

Binomo Trading Platform Review

The broker claims that its main advantages are as follows: Top-class options trading service with a wide range of financial assets. Profitable trading conditions. Customers’ trading analytical support. Conditions that are suitable for traders with any level of qualification – tutorials for beginners. Fast and professional technical support.

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Binary Options Basics And How to Choose The Most Viable Strategies To Maximize Profit

When you start investing, it may sometimes be a bit overwhelming. The profitable, effective and simple nature of binary options trading helps to make the learning process a lot less stressful and enables users to go online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to reap the financial rewards and increase their skills. Regardless of one’s investment experience, those who are just starting out in the binary options trading world need to follow a simple to maximize their returns. The guide below can help traders get a feel for the online system, understand how the short-term market movements influence price and also enable traders to come up their own strategies to achieve their success.

24Option Broker

Unique features of trading with 24Option

Learn Binary Options Trading

Like many other things, when you begin something new, it is always good to take the time and educate yourself about the whole system. By taking your time to learn binary options trading, you as an investor can maximize your returns by understanding how the price of the option reacts to market movements. Learning this types of trading is very simple as you can access information through financial websites and through the binary options platform itself.

Select a Trading Platform that Best Meets Your Needs

In the binary options trading world, there are a couple of platforms available but it is essential for you as investors to understand what exactly you are looking for. The best binary options trading platform is one that is clear about their fees and system usability. The platform should be easy-to-use, offers the best customer service and also fast withdrawal options. Finally, the users should make sure that there are no hidden fees and there is enough information available on the site to help them make their trades.

Select an Asset to Trade With

This is all about execution of the actual trade. Once you have chosen the best platform for you, engaging in the actual trades will the key to successful returns. There are a number of asset options are available to investors including currency pairs, commodities, indices, binary stock options and future indices. For example, if you select to trade with stocks, investors will take a view on if the binary stock options will rise (through a CALL option) or fall (through a PUT option) in price.

Come Up a Binary Options Strategy

As you trade on the trading platform, there are some best binary options strategies that you should implement to gain maximum success. The most common of all binary options strategies are placing CALL (if the price will rise) or PUT (if the price will fall) options. These two strategies will provide the foundation for your trades.

How To Choose The Best Binary Options Strategy

Technical Analysis Strategy

Studying the past values and trends of assets is a very important strategy. Evaluating these past trends will help you understand the specific trends that different asset prices follow. Once you have identified and understood the trend, you can now make the right guess. This is known as the technical analysis strategy and it utilizes graphs and charts to analyze and study the different trends.

Fundamental Analysis Strategy

The next strategy is observing and studying the economic characteristics of a certain area, including the unemployment and employment rates, country’s GDP, etc. The reason the study of these characteristics is crucial because they affect the market and the asset price. This analysis strategy will play a huge role in determining an asset’s price trend. Also, this strategy allows you to have some amount of flexibility while using it.

Money Management Strategy

Another vital binary options strategy is the money management strategy. This strategy helps you as the trader to stay away from any losses. To use it, you should first specify a small percentage of investment for your trade. For example, it may be around 10%. So you should only use 10% of the money in your account and save the rest of the money. This will help you to avoid losses and also give them a chance to recover what is lost from other investments and trades. The percentage value is not specific and may differ from trade to trade and the asset type determines the amount of percentage to be specified.

HighLow Broker

A reliable broker & trading platform

Hedging Strategy

You can implement this binary options strategy when you are making huge profits. If the assets you have purchased are about to expire in a few minutes and you are “in the money“, you have two options to choose from in
such a situation. One option is to get the whole profits on your existing stock and the other option is to sell part of it and retain the rest. This enables you to make more money if your trade remains “in the money“.

Reversal Trading

This is another of the lucrative binary options strategies. What happens with reversal trading is that when there is a big move on a particular stock you buy binary options opposite to what it moved. While this may seem quite contrary to the statement that the “trend is your friend” often times what goes up like a rocket is most likely come back down the same way.

Straddle Strategy

This is a widely used pairing strategy. It allows you to place a call option and a put option as well on the asset. This will require a deep understanding about the asset and also its performance for over a certain period of time. You should have enough experience to know if the price of an asset is going to rise or fall. Through placing both a put as well as a call on the same trade, you will get a unique opportunity to minimize your losses and maximize your profits.

There are other many strategies that are widely used. But, it is not advisable for a starter to start using them. Ideally, a beginner should learn and understand the market by using their power of observation. They can also make use of the available blogs and forums out there to collect more information.

Binary Options Advantages

·Simplicity is the biggest advantage of binary options. The concern is whether the asset closes below or above the trading price. It is a straightforward process and the only consideration is the direction of the asset price.

· There is a limited risk and the payout is determined or predetermined at the time of the trade. Potential rewards and risks are known from the outset of the trade. With traditional trading in commodities and assets, there are no distinct parameters. The gain or loss is risky and highly speculative.

· You can simplify your portfolio hedging practices. No matter what a binary option will close at, the option is paid out at the full rate. This is also true even if the closing price is minimal.

· You can trade at different time frames in the options market. Binaries are positioned in a variety of global markets from different stock exchanges and you are able to trade through the internet on a 24/7 basis.


To sum up the short guide, when learning binary options and trying to figure out the best way for you to make money, ensure that you won’t spread yourself too thin. When it comes to binary options, there are several different trades that you can make depending on expiry times and what you are trading whether it’s commodities, currency pairs, assets, or stocks. It is always in your best interests to find something that works for you and stick to it. Different options and expiry times require different strategies, so it is best to pick just a few things at first and work with those.

One of the key reasons to stick with a few number of trading options is that you will be able to do research easily on that option and watch it more closely. Effective traders usually focus only on one or two assets and they get to know them really well.In addition, if you are focusing on one asset, it will be much easier to follow information and news stories relevant to the asset. At the end of it all, you will be able to learn how to use changes in the global economy and current events to predict where your asset is headed. Choosing the best source for your binary options advice is the first and, arguably, the most crucial step to being successful in binary options trading.

IQ Option Broker

The world’s most advanced platform

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