Advantages Of Binary Options Trading Signals

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The advantages of binary options trading signals has made it increasingly popular among traders, and the more experienced are gaining greater advantage. Trading signals boast a range of advantages for both amateur and seasoned traders.

Below is a list of some advantages and benefits of binary options trading signals which traders can fully optimize on:

Binary Options Trading Signals Advantages

Higher Returns on Investment Potential

Because of the high level risk involved with binary options, returns on your investment are also higher. Typical returns range between 60 and 90 percent. This is much different to a Forex trader who would likely achieve returns of about 10 percent per trade.

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Known Reward and Risk – Fixed Risk

With binary options trading signals, you know right from the start how much profit you’ll get if you win a trade and what is the amount you are putting in risk. The risk of leverage which will cost you more than the amount risked is not there. Only your selected amount of risk on a trade is at risk on the trade. You know the amount of money you stand to lose, and gain should you win a trade. Binary trading, unlike Forex doesn’t factor out how high or low the price goes, just as long as it secures a movement in the anticipated direction. 1 pip in your predicted direction is just as good as 50 pips, and you’ll still receive the same pay on the trade.

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Potential of Returns Even After a Loss

Despite binary options being able to yield higher returns, the amount of risk posed by these assets is significantly higher than other forms of investments. To help mitigate this risk and make binary options more appealing to traders, brokers tend to offer a nominal return on the amount invested on a lost bet. For example, for an option that didn’t work in your favor, rather than losing 100 percent of your initial investment, you may get back between 5 and 15 percent of your initial bet.

Advanced binary options brokers also allow traders to sell the binary option before the expiry time reaches to minimize losses or to monetize profitable options. Some platforms allow a creation of binary options to carry the exact risk you are willing to bear by offering various strike prices for each asset.

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Easier to Trade Than Forex

Binary options trading signals are much easier to trade than other assets like Forex. Trading platforms have begun catering for and accommodating amateur traders. For this, websites have increasingly become user-friendly with added features like demo accounts, live chats, and informative videos to help you when trading. You also just need to predict between two possible outcomes and not worry about stop losses, magnitude and leverage of price movement.

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Faster Turnover Rates and Quick Profits

One of the most enticing factors about binary options trading signals is that they have faster turnover rates and quick payouts. Although this may vary across different assets, expiry times for binary options typically take no more than an hour. This means you can trade more options in a single day and generate more profits. Most daily binary trading options trade for 20 to 30 minutes, making it an intriguing form of gambling.

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    immistaken October 1, 2017 at 10:31 am

    Well the fact that I might make a profit even after a loss does make things a little more intriguing for me. I am going to have to look deeper into that to see what options and risks I have before starting to trade.

  2. Reply
    Nick D. October 2, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    I would think that any time that you can get a signal to let you know what it is time to do something, you would be better off than not, right?

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